The first few days…

So far I have spent the first few days of this course just connecting.  I’ve spent some time exploring our Google plus community, followed new people on Twitter, and started a new blog.  I also tried out Flipgrid for the first time.  Who knew a little ninety second video could make you so self conscious about what you say and do.  Oh well, I need to get over that because I really liked the concept of a quick recorded answer to a question that allowed me to see my classmates face to face and learn a bit about the experience they were bringing to our learning community.

Now what is really on my mind this weekend is what to do for my major digital project.  Do I want to do an instruction project? Do I want to make my learning visible?  Do I want to MOOC?  I have valid interest in them all but can’t seem to commit.  Perhaps a bit more exploring this weekend is in order to help me make some decisions…


2 thoughts on “The first few days…

  1. The major digital project is on my mind as well. I can relate to having many ideas of what I could do for all the options, but I can not seem to make up my mind. I am excited to see what direction you decide to choose for the digital project. Happy exploring this weekend!


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