It is time… to mooc!

I officially started my mooc today for my major project.  I chose one though Coursera called “Coaching Teachers: Promoting Changes That Stick”.  The description can accessed through the link below.

Today was the course welcome and introduction of students on the discussion boards.  So far so good!  I am amazed at how many people are taking it from all over the world!

I chose this mooc because as I move through my career I have been becoming more interested in pursuing other aspects of the educational system.  Career positions such as Teacher Consultants, Teacher Coaches, and School Administration within my division have really started to appeal to me.  I feel having skills to be able to effectively coach and assist teachers would be an asset in any of these positions.

The mooc is a five-week course running from October 3rd to November 7th with a one week addition to November 14th for evaluation.  I’m still on the fence about going for the official certificate so if any one has experience in this sort of thing could you let me know if you feel it is worth it to pay for the certificate in the end?


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