To pin or not to pin…a summary of EC&I 831!

Of course I am going to pin.  In fact Pinterest has become sort of an addiction for me over the last few years. Pinning everything I may or may not ever make or do. It seems everything I need to make or know I can find on Pinterest. Okay, maybe not everything but quite a bit of stuff.  I chose to do my final summary of learning for my EC&I course on a Pinterest page.  I feel it is a form of social media/social bookmarking that is professionally underutilized due to the fact it seems to be predominately used by women. Interesting fact CEO Pinterest is a man. Maybe a topic to discuss in our gender and edtech section…Anyway I  chose Pinterest because it allowed me to “pin” or connect to sites that showed what I have been focusing on this term. I was then also able to write a description (500 characters or less) under my pins of what my big takeaway learnings were from the presenters, sites, and tools I have been learning from this semester. I also chose a Pinterest page so that I would have a resource to share my learning from the course with others in my division.  It became sort of a shared resource or a list of top resources for me.  I feel it is something I can continue to add too as I progress on my edtech journey. I may even pick up a few blog followers from my pins about my blogs, well a girl can hope!

Before you check out my Pinterest page please check out my Introduction that I made using Powtoon. I’ve never used Powtoon before but quite enjoyed it once I tried it and feel it may be useful tool for my classroom in the future. I recommend having a look at it.

Okay, watched the video? Now check out my Pinterest page: EC&I 831 Summary of Learning.


4 thoughts on “To pin or not to pin…a summary of EC&I 831!

  1. Great idea to use Pinterest Beige! I haven’t spent much time there for quite awhile because when I first started I got hooked in the black hole of Pinterest searching! It’s time I ventured back in again. Loved the Powtoon intro. Great job:)


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