A little about me…

My name is Beige Biggins.  I am predominately a middle years teacher and this is my ninth year in the profession.  I am currently working on my ETAD (Educational Technology and Design) Masters of Education degree through the University of Saskatchewan.

Why do I blog?

Blogging started out for me as an assignment in my EC&I 831 course.  As a requirement for the course we needed to create and keep up a professional education blog.  At first I struggled with the concept of sharing so much and often felt like I had nothing read worthy to share.  After taking some time to check out some education blogs as well as fellow classmates blogs I really began to see the benefit for me professionally.   Blogging is a way for educators to expand their professional learning networks. It is a way to share innovative and interesting teaching methods, strategies, and resources.  Most importantly it is a way to connect with each other.  Teaching is a profession based around collaboration and sharing, blogging is another way we can embrace that as educators.

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