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Google Apps for Education, how I love you!

I found this weeks class session on Google Apps for Education completely fabulous.  I loved the hands on aspect of the evening. I felt like time flew by!  Michael Wacker genuinely engaged me in the learning process.  I’ve been using Google Apps for a year or so and love the collaborative, easy to share aspects of it.  It has been especially useful as I engage in distance education courses to fulfill my masters requirements.  I find as I use it more in my own learning I have been more apt to use it with my students and they also are loving the new ways of sharing and working together.

What I loved before the presentation:

I loved that students no longer had to save collaborative projects on one user profile. With Google Docs it doesn’t matter if one group member is absent all members can still access a project.  No more wasted class time for students with missing group members.

I loved the paperless aspect of it all.  No more buckets of assignments to haul home.  Just logging in and sharing feedback with the comments options.

What I loved after the presentation:

I loved learning about the research option.  How quick and easy for students and me.

I loved learning about the revisions option.  Great ways in addition to comments to assist students with their work.

I also liked the tidbit of information regarding the 50 person limit at one time for editing.  Nice to know when working with entire staffs.

I am currently using Google Docs with another course I am enrolled in this term and am looking forward to trying out a few of my new skills.