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Remix is what was on my mind this morning.  A few days ago in my ETAD class we were working through the topics of copyright including plagiarism and patent when the idea of remix came up.  Remix in the way that I understand it is simply the idea that all our ideas come from somewhere else.  Nothing is a lone creative thought.  I think the idea spreads through all forms of expression including literature, media, music, fashion, and education.  I really like this quote from Mark Twain I think it explains what I am trying to say about the definition of a remix.

“All ideas are second-hand, consciously or unconsciously drawn from a million outside sources” – Mark Twain​

The TedBlog has some other great quotes that help to put the idea of remix in a variety of expressions into perspective as well.

Kirby Ferguson is a New York based film maker who is embracing and spreading the word about remixing.  I highly recommend you check out his four-part video series titles “Everything is a Remix”, some real food for thought on the idea of remixing.  He also has a Ted Talk video titled “Embrace the Remix” and if you’ve noticed in my other posts I love Ted Talks!

Some other great resources on remix comes from Amy Burvall.  Her site Storifying History has some great links to find out more about the remix as well as her Google+ community, RemixEd.

What do you think about the idea of remix?  Do we really own anything?  Is your opinion different if you are the owner versus the user as Kirby talks about in his video?