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If life is a game, shouldn’t we be on the same team?

The title of my post today comes from the above video, “A Pep Talk” from Kid President.  This video is a reminder to me that working together will always be better than acting alone.

The content of my mooc this week was focused around teachers and coaches needing to have shared instructional vision. Which really got me thinking about what we need as professionals in the field of education.  We need each other.  We need support.  We need to know that everyone has a shared instructional vision.  Education needs to be focused on what has the biggest and best impact on students regardless of what we like to do, what we have done in the past, or what is easy.  I think this is where the job of an effective coach comes in.

Education should be a student-facing vision.


When planning between an effective coach and teacher there needs to be shared vision in order fro teacher buy in to occur and for the teacher to see the effects of their changes on student learning.  This week a few strategies for effective coaches to help create shared vision were introduced.

One was the use if a rubric when observing teachers.  I though it was interesting although the example used was focused solely on teachers new to the profession.  I think with proper creation a rubric may be an effective tool for helping teachers make changes within their practice.  The rubric was data orientated and gave the participants (coach and teacher) a good clear shared vision on what was expected. In order to use a rubric idea within other contexts I think it would have to be carefully created with division initiatives in mind and discussed prior to any coaching taking place.  What do you think about coaching peers using a rubric, effective or not?  Would it be a helpful guide for discussing shared vision or would it be a reason for teachers to not play on the same team?